4Cabling Electrical Accessories Range4Cabling Electrical Accessories Range

Say hello to our brand new 4Cabling Electrical Accessories range!

Comprising switches, cover plates and power points, as well as industrial-friendly accessories, we provide end-to-end solutions for sparkies completing lighting and power jobs.

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • SAA certified
  • Competitively priced
  • Eco-friendly bulk packs with a free C-Clip with each unit!
  • High local stock levels
  • Fast delivery across Australia

Not to mention that 4Cabling friendly expert service that you've come to know and love!


Download the full Electrical Range Catalogue here.



The standard style, but actually, anything but standard.


Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, Classic switches are fully compatible with existing standard 84mm wall mounting centres. The Classic style switches are available in horizontal or vertical designs, with between one and six gang variants.

Eco-conscious? You can opt for a 10 pack in ecofriendly, plastic-free packaging, and get a complimentary C-Clip with each unit!

Power Points

Classic power points, also made from high-quality polycarbonate, are created to meet AS/NZS3133 and AS/NZS3100 standards, are available in single and double options, with the latter also available with an extra switch option. There are also options with 1 and 2 USB ports!

Cover Plates

The cover plates in this range are available in white, gold, silver and black, and also available in horizontal or vertical designs.


The Ultima range’s difference lies in its design, adding a stylish look.


Ultima switch designs are available in horizontal or vertical designs, with between one and six gang variants, and eligible for the complimentary C-Clip per unit when purchased in a 10 pack with environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Power Points

This fashion-forward design continues in the power points, which are crafted with silver alloy contact points (which the Classic and Elegant ranges benefit from too). Similar to the other ranges, Ultima power points are crafted from polycarbonate and are available in single and double options. Like the other domestic ranges, the Ultima power points meet AS/NZS3133 and AS/NZS3100 standards.

Cover Plates

4Cabling Ultima Cover Plates offer unrivalled quality, crafted in a durable yet unique style.


This slimline range boasts the same fantastic capabilities as the Classic and Ultima range, but with a twist! The Elegant range is more streamlined in design - though not any less durable. We are so confident in their longevity that these, and the other styles, are covered by a lifetime warranty.


Elegant slimline switches are crafted from incredibly durable polycarbonate. Elegant switches are available in a 10 pack in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging that offers a complimentary C-Clip with each unit.

Power Points

Elegant power points are crafted from incredibly durable polycarbonate and meet AS/NZS3133 and AS/NZS3100 standards.

Elegant power points are available in a 10 pack in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging that offers a complimentary C-Clip with each unit.

Cover Plates

The aluminium cover plates are particularly unique: they are available in a sleek silver matte!


Let’s take it outside!

The Industrial range is the go-to for outdoor or warehouse solutions, and all switches, sockets, plugs and extension sockets are IP66 certified (power points are IP53 certified), so you can be reassured they will bolster your equipment with that extra level of protection from dust - we even offer a specific weatherproof range!

What’s more, the products are UV rated and temperature-resistant between -25°C and 50°C (great for those Australian summers).

The plugs, sockets and switches (excluding the weatherproof products) in the Industrial range are available in 10A - 32A options and are designed to be robust against the everyday elements they may face. The weatherproof switch is available in 16A and 20A, while the weatherproof isolator is available 16A - 63A. Sockets feature automatic snap catch latches and dust-resistant caps, while switches feature stainless steel combination head screws for corrosion resistance, and padlocking facilities for extra security. Similarly, plugs and extension plugs are crafted with premium-grade stainless steel and brass internal mechanisms to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions.

Other design features include a transparent flap on sockets to enable instant visual inspection and pin configuration, and PVC enclosures to enable solvent bonding to standard electrical PVC conduits, and plugs and extension plugs boast a wider lock-ring, so they’re easier to unscrew from the sockets, even when wearing protective gloves.

No matter what your electrical needs, 4Cabling has you covered!


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