Australia-Wide Shipping

We understand that you are keen to get your hands on our products and realise that faster is always better!

DataWorld will deliver your order quickly and securely, anywhere in Australia!

All orders placed and completed before 2.00PM Melbourne time, will be dispatched same day – subject to stock availability, Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays.

We also offer FREE Pick Up from our Melbourne-based warehouse. 

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Signature Upon Delivery

All orders require a Signature Upon Delivery, confirming that your order has been received, checked and accepted in best condition.
We understand that there are rare times when this is not possible, and no one can be on hand to officially receive your delivery.
If this is your case, please contact us via email, noting that you accept all potential risk and remove any liability from DataWorld and any agents acting on its behalf.

If no one is available at the delivery address to accept the delivery and arrangements to leave the delivery unattended have not been made, the delivery will be rescheduled with additional re-delivery fee of $35.00 will be charged to the customer.

Normal Courier Delivery – Curbside Service

All normal courier deliveries for bulky and large items are for Curbside Service delivery, delivered by one person. This service is limited to the packaged shipment to be delivered roadside or to the end of the driveway. This service does not include taking products up a flight of stairs or into difficult to access areas. It is up to the courier’s discretion to provide further assistance.

Bulky and Heavy Items

Curbside Delivery applies to all products where any single box exceeds 50kg in weight.

In such instances, goods will be delivered in a truck equipped with a tailgate, making it easy to remove items off the truck. No forklift is required to accept delivery.

We strongly recommend having several people ready to assist with accepting delivery for this type of delivery service.

Specialised Courier Delivery – Site to Site

Specialised delivery service can be arranged when site-to-site delivery is required. This premium service is designed to make use of vehicles with hydraulic tailgates, as well as two or more people performing the delivery.

This type of service is ideal when freight requirements include unpacking and/or positioning delivered products on-site as instructed. Please contact us to arrange a quotation for this service.

Shipping Transit Time

From Melbourne to:

Adelaide1 – 2
Sydney1 – 2
Canberra2 – 3
Brisbane2 – 3
Newcastle2 – 3
Hobart3 – 4
Darwin4 – 5
Perth4 – 5

*Shipping transit time is an estimate only.

Shipping Delays and Failed Delivery Attempts

On rare occasions, deliveries may be delayed or may fail entirely.  When this occurs, the shipping service provider will try to communicate with the receiver (this person may be different to the Purchaser). 

Our operations team is only contacted by the shipping service provider when they are unable to get in touch with the identified receiver.
Here are some common causes for shipping delays and failed delivery attempts as well as resolution options.

  • Missing Delivery Street Address 
    We can only ship small orders via Australia Post eParcel to PO BOX addresses or Parcel Lockers.
    If the order placed is bulky and/or large, we can only deliver to the Street Address. In this instance, we will attempt to contact the Purchaser to obtain the needed information.
  • Missing Delivery Contact Number 
    Our assigned delivery drivers and our operations team require a contact number in case they need to contact the identified receiver for any concern regarding the delivery.
  • Delivery Address Unattended
    When no one is present at the delivery address to receive the order when it arrives via Australia Post eParcel Service or Express Post eParcel Service delivery, a card will be left for the Receiver advising pick up of the parcel from the local Post Office. If the order is being delivered via Courier, a card will be left with contact details for the receiver to arrange re-delivery. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for every re-delivery attempt.
  • Incorrect Address
    It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to checks that the correct delivery address has been entered before finalising the order.
    In the event delivery was attempted to an incorrect address provided by the Purchaser, a re-delivery and change of delivery address fee will be charged.
Products Damaged in Transit

DataWorld is a distributor of quality, leading-edge variety of products. It is important to understand that we do not directly offer or provide any shipping or delivery services.  All shipping and delivery services we organise are strictly at the request of and on behalf of the Customer. Whilst we only engage the most qualified and experienced couriers and shipping service providers, damage may occur in transit due to circumstances that are beyond our direct control. To minimize and avoid risk of goods lost or damaged in transit and to reduce the time and inconvenience of rectifying issues relating to damage in transit, we highly recommend obtaining Optional Shipping Insurance Cover.

Prior to signing a Delivery Docket, please take your time to carefully inspect the goods to ensure that you have received your order in full, in good condition and without any damage. If you are unable to carefully check your delivery for any reason, we recommend signing the delivery docket with the following Disclaimer “Subject to inspection upon unpacking”. Failure to do so will complete your delivery and any damage discovered afterwards will be deemed as having been caused whilst in your possession. For any damage discovered immediately following the delivery, please take photos and promptly email [email protected] with any additional information.

Please do not accept delivery of any visibly damaged products. Upon signing delivery docket, you are accepting delivery in good condition and we cannot guarantee replacement.

Shipping Insurance

We use only the most qualified and experienced couriers and shipping service providers in the industry. Whilst lost or damaged in transit orders are rare and unlikely, having shipping insurance cover offers not only security and peace of mind but assurance of a timely replacement or refund without any additional cost.

Our exclusive and unique Optional Shipping Insurance cover is pegged at 1.2% of your order’s subtotal value. For example, an order with a subtotal value of $1,000.00 will attract Optional Shipping Insurance fee of up to $12.00. Furthermore, there is No Excess Fee on any approved and resolved claim.

Our incredible Optional Shipping Insurance offer is exclusively available to our Customers who have requested us, on their behalf, to facilitate coverage for the delivery of their order with one of our trusted shipping service providers. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Optional Shipping Insurance for any order elected for free pickup by the Purchaser or someone who will do this on his or her behalf.

Our Optional Shipping Insurance cover begins the moment our trusted shipping service provider or agent has taken possession of the products from our warehouse, as per request and on behalf of the Customer. The shipping service provider gives us a signed document confirming that the product or products they have taken into possession are in original and in undamaged condition for and on behalf of the Customer.

The Optional Shipping Insurance ceases upon the delivery of the shipment to the address specified by the Purchaser and the delivery docket has been signed by the Receiver. By signing the delivery docket, the Receiver is acknowledging that they have received the order, have carefully inspected the contents and are satisfied that the order was received in full, in good condition and without damage.

Why Choose the Optional Shipping Insurance?

Choosing the Optional Shipping Insurance is a smart and sensible choice that provides you with a guarantee that your order and your investment is 100% safe and secure. This is particularly beneficial in situations where the statutory consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law may not apply, including where the Products you have ordered are not Products ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use.

In the rare instance that your order is lost or damaged in transit, our team will be there to provide help, support and assistance to have your valid claim processed fast and a replacement shipment dispatched without delay.

Receiving Delivery and Filing Claim

When your order arrives, the Receiver will be asked by the person making the delivery to sign a delivery docket.
It is important to note that by signing the delivery docket, the Receiver is acknowledging that they have received the order, have carefully inspected the contents and are satisfied that order was received in full, in good condition and without damage.

We strongly advise that the Receiver signs the delivery docket ONLY after they have carefully inspected the goods and ensured that order was received in full, in good condition and without any damage.

If the Receiver is unable to carefully check the delivery for any reason, we recommend signing the delivery docket with an added disclaimer ‘Subject to inspection upon unpacking’. Failure to do this, will complete the delivery and cease your shipping insurance cover even if the delivery signed by the Receiver is incomplete or worse, damaged.

We genuinely value and care about our clients and will always do our best to assist in any way we can. A signed delivery docket however, without the words ‘Subject to inspection upon unpacking’, leaves us unable to help or do anything.
There is a very limited amount of assistance we can provide if a delivery docket has been signed without the inspection and recommended disclaimer.

If the order arrives with any visible damage, please do NOT accept delivery or sign the delivery docket.
By signing a delivery docket the Receiver acknowledges that they have received the order, carefully inspected the goods and are satisfied that the order was received in full, in good condition and without any damage.”

Affixing a signature on the delivery docket automatically concludes the delivery and insurance ceases.

If multiple items have been delivered and only some have visible damage, we recommend signing the delivery docket, but clearly stating that you have ‘received a specific product or products damaged’ and for the rest adding the words ‘subject to inspection upon unpacking’.
By signing delivery docket without these disclaimers, you are acknowledging that you have received the order, have carefully inspected its contents and are satisfied that the order was received in full, in good condition and without any damage.

If the delivery is received damaged, but damage is not apparent at the time of delivery, then the receiver has strictly seven (7) Business Days from the day the order has been accepted to contact us in writing and report the damage with accompanying photos and explanation.
Failure to contact us and submit your report within seven (7) Business Days from day the order was accepted will automatically result in the rejection of your claim.

Please note that you must have written ‘Subject to inspection upon unpacking’ on your delivery docket to file a claim.

For orders lost in transit, we only need confirmation from the shipping service provider that the order is lost and we will dispatch a replacement immediately (subject to stock availability) or provide a credit/refund upon instructions from the Purchaser. We consider orders to be missing or lost in transit when the receiver has not received delivery seven (7) Business Days after the anticipated date of delivery arrival. The receiver has an additional seven (7) Business Days (total of 14 Business Days) after the anticipated arrival date of goods to contact us and report that the order has not been received and is likely lost or missing. When our team is contacted, we will immediately contact the shipping provider responsible for the delivery and, upon confirmation from the shipping provider, we will have the claim processed and a shipping replacement sent out without delay. Unfortunately, all notifications and claims for missing items will automatically be rejected if our team received no notification within the stated 14-day claim filing period.