Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer local support?

Yes, we have a local team of enthusiastic and experienced staff operating from our Cheltenham warehouse.

Can you assist me with purchase decision or technical issues?

Yes, DataWorld team is made up of professionals with in-depth experience in IT, Telecommunications, Building and Construction, Electrical, Audio-Visual, Local and State Government as well as Education Sectors. Please discuss your requirements with us to ensure that we put you on to the best person to satisfy your objectives.

Where do you source your products from?

Most of our products are manufactured by or sourced from Australian-owned companies. In rare instances where we cannot find a suitable product from an Australian-based manufacturer or supplier, we will source products manufactured based on Australian specifications and oftentimes by Australian engineers and/or designers.

Do you provide Australian Warranty on imported products?

Yes, we provide Australian Warranty on all our products. Please refer to your item for specific warranty terms.

Do you test your products?

Yes, at DataWorld we carry out extensive testing and evaluation of each and every product prior to their introduction to our portfolio. We do not endeavour to be the biggest suppliers but we work hard to be the best!

Why is DataWorld so much cheaper than your competitors?

DataWorld has a long-standing relationship with local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers. Thanks to time-tested relationships and high purchase volumes, we can source leading-edge top quality products at a competitive price. In many cases the products are exclusive to DataWorld as they cannot be rivalled in quality and value by any competing Australian reseller.