2.0m CAT5e Network Cable RJ45 - RED

2.0m CAT5e Network Cable RJ45 - RED


CAT6 Patch Panel - 24 Port 110 Style

CAT5e Patch Panel - 24 Port 110 Style

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Warranty: 3 Years Weight: 810.00 gms Size: 38.00(h) x 480.00(w) x 65.00(d)
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Our CAT5e Patch Panel - 24 Port 110 Style was developed for high density, precision installations. Furthermore, it's backwards, forwards and cross compatible.

Built for Error-Free Heavy Use

The CAT5e 24 Port Patch Panel accommodates heavy use that requires precision. Hence you will definitely need that if you do:

  • massive video and audio editing
  • connections of high-resolution video sources to displays and digital signs
  • rapid file transfers from computer to computer
  • processing on networked computers

Many reputable firms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth use our quality products. Furthermore, the CAT5e patch panel works with:

  • communications equipment
  • network equipment
  • audio video equipment
  • security systems
  • CCTV equipment
  • IT equipment e.g. FTP server
  • industrial systems
  • computer equipment
  • UPS equipment
  • other rack mountable equipment
Exceeds Current Standards and Future Proof

Every rugby team prepares beforehand for any new tricks from their opponents. Similarly, it's the least you can expect from our CAT5e patch panel; designed to cater for new technological iterations and putting you ahead of the competition. That's based on top-notch design that exceeds current standards:

  • 19” form factor for compatibility with leading vendor equipment manufacturers and OEM brands
  • 110 IDC termination for easy and organized punchdown of cable terminals
  • Colour-coded T568A and T568B wiring for voice or LAN applications

It's also backwards compatible with all lower-rated category components. So, you can use both the CAT5e and CAT5 Patch Panel for your CAT5 cable.

Save Space and Time, and Preserve Your Sanity

Are you dealing with cable management issues in a high-density IT environment? Certainly our CAT5e Patch Panel simplifies this complex process through:

  • A high-density 19” panel design, so your rack has extra space for more gadgets
  • Clear numbering on the front and back for quick and easy identification of cable runs
  • Labels on the front, so you can name each port
Designed for the Real World

Many incredible gadgets only look good in theory, but fail the real-world test. However, the CAT5e Patch Panel caters for any unexpected occurrence during real-world usage:

  • blocks of RJ-45 ports are easily replaceable - no need to replace the entire patch panel
  • Tight fitting 110 IDC termination prevents wires from dropping off
Quality at a Fair Price

Considering such valuable features, the 24 Port Patch Panel price is relatively cheap. Plus each patch panel comes with a 2-year warranty. Finally, contact us if you have any queries.

CAT5e Patch Panel 24 Port 110 Style Features
  • High Quality 24 Port panel
  • Cable tray included
  • 568A & 568B universal colour coding
  • Designed for 19” universal mounting
  • 110 IDC termination
  • Backwards compatible to all lower rated category components
  • 1RU size
  • Labels on the front
  • Black colour
  • Replaceable blocks of RJ-45 ports
  • Numbering on the front and back
  • 2-year warranty
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Warranty (years)2
Weight (kg)1.000000
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