Choosing open Rack or closed Cabinet

Open rack or closed cabinet? The decision of whether to go for an open rack or a closed cabinet for your serversdepends largely on the cooling setup of your data centre – the environment itself from which the data centreoperates.

There are a number of best practices data centre operators employ to make sure that their heat-generatingequipment are constantly cooled and operate at their peak. A few of the well-researched documents we foundcan be accessed from Search Data Center and Uptime Institute.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the decision on whether to choose an open rack or a closed cabinet is more than justa physical security issue. Access to servers most often default to data room instead of “cabinet” security thatcomes with access codes and alarms. The choice of a “structure” to hold servers must take into consideration thedata centre’s physical design as well as its cooling setup. The last factor – cooling – is of utmost importance.

Most data centres spread-out their heat-generating equipment to maximise air flow. The cool temperature of theentire room is controlled and maintained. Data centre operators in such a setup most often default to open racksfor their servers. On the other hand, data centres with raised-floor facilities where all heat-producing equipmentare grouped and where all cooling systems are concentrated most often go for closed cabinets

But these are just default choices. Other factors, other needs, are further considered and play a large role in thefinal selection. For some, how the equipment looks play an important part in the selection process. Companieswho constantly showcase their data rooms would opt for “premium looking cabinets.” Those that operate smalleroffices or those tight on budget will go for the cheaper choices

It is important therefore that the equipment provides enough “room” for customisation not only to perfectlyintegrate it into the current setup but to adopt it the user’s current needs and the company’s future growth. Ourexpert team at DataWorld can help you make the right choices. Call us on 1300 441 395 to speak with one of theSales Consultants now