Monthly Archives: October 2019

  1. Maximizing Server Airflow

    Data Centres continuously cram more computing power into their networks to meet the growing demand for moreIT resources. The need for more computing power is increasing continuously. Cooling has become a very seriousconcern.

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  2. Choosing open Rack or closed Cabinet

    Open rack or closed cabinet? The decision of whether to go for an open rack or a closed cabinet for your serversdepends largely on the cooling setup of your data centre – the environment itself from which the data centreoperates.

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  3. Server vs. Network Cabinets

    Which one do you need? In order to know what cabinet you should purchase it is important to know what eachone offers. Failure to pick the right “housing unit” for sensitive or even heat-generating equipment can lead tohuge losses in both data and money.

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