20m Wide x 2.7m Height Shelving System 8000kg Load

4m Shelving System 1600kg Load

4m Shelving System 1600kg Load

2m Shelving System 800kg Load

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Warranty: 3 Years Weight: 61000.00 gms
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Long Span Shelving is a complete storage system ideal for warehouse, retail and industrial storage applications. These typically include automotive and other spare parts, hardware, bulk retail and general purpose carton and archive storage. Long Span can accommodate a wide range of storage requirements.

If you require shelving that is hard-wearing, carries large weight loads and is aesthetically pleasing, then is perfect for you.

• 2.0M (L) x 2.0M (H) x 0.6M (D)
• Metal Shelves Included
• Extendable to any lengths in multiple of 2.0M.
• Adjustable Shelf Height
• Click-in System
• Free Standing or Fixed to the Ground

Blue Uprights (x2)
Made of Heavy Duty Metal, can be bolted to the ground as permanent fixture or left as self standing unit.
Orange Horizontal Beams (x8)
Made of heavy duty metal and orange powder coated for long range visibility to avoid accidents.
White Shelves (x8)
Included, made of heavy duty metal in 1.0M length for easy installation.

Dimensions (Flat Packed):
Box 1: 204cm (W) x 64cm (H) x 18cm (D) Weight : 17kg
Box 2: 195cm (W) x 38cm (H) x 8cm (D) Weight : 21kg
Box 3: 94cm (W) x 58cm (H) x 22cm (D) Weight : 23kg